Natural acacia honey
A characteristic feature of the acacia honey, which distinguishes it from the other types, is its ability to stay in a liquid state for a long time. It can start crystallising about a year after it has been extracted. The natural acacia honey is used in the treatment of some eye diseases, as well as for conditions related to eczemas and other skin disorders. Certain doses of the honey can help in cases of sleeplessness, gastro-intestinal disorders, as well as for overall detoxification of the organism. It is a recommended product for children and people suffering from diabetes.

Natural lime-tree honey
Its most frequent applications are as a means of cold relief, as well as a means to fight various inflammatory processes in the organism. Lime-tree honey is an efficacious cure against gastro-intestinal conditions, as well as against liver problems. Lime-tree honey also has a favourable effect on the nervous system by contributing to the reduction of the anxiety and stress, helping to recover sleep, as well as for the normal functioning of the organism. It is used to cure acute catarrhal inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts (laryngitis, tracheobronchitis), and also helps to calm and sleep well. Anti-inflammatory and somewhat expectorant effect. It is recommended for conditions such as cold, angina, bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Natural rapeseed honey
Honey from rapeseed crystallises almost immediately after the centrifugation. it is distinguished by a higher antimicrobial activity than the other types of honey. The European bee-keepers call the rapeseed honey LIVE HONEY due to its numerous healing properties. Rapeseed honey is used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and is exceptionally good for bone, joint and gastrointestinal conditions. When dissolved in milk, it heals a sore throat. Rapeseed honey has a high glucose content, more than 51%, which promotes the mental activity and penetrates the brain vessels. It is quickly absorbed by the intestines and is capable of removing heavy metals from the organism. Rapeseed honey has a positive effect on the liver and the biliary tracts when taken dissolved in warm (but not hot) water. The high boron content recovers the bone tissue and helps the thyroid gland of women after the menopause. It does not cause allergic reactions and contains vitamin А. Rapeseed honey can be used as a substitute for sugar. Added to coffee or tea, it practically does not change the taste of the drink.

Natural sunflower honey
This type of honey is exceptionally pure, mostly because of the capacity of the plant to retain the harmful elements in its stem, which gives its blossoms, and thence its nectar great purity when it comes to the substances contained in the end product. Sunflower honey is rich in enzymes and has a high content of amino acids, which are some of the essential substances constituting the human organism. This type of honey is especially good for people suffering from bronchitis, as well as from some internal diseases. The greatest advantage, however, of this honey is its quick transformation in the organism of people, which is of great importance to people in need of power and energy in a short time. With this property, sunflower honey is of paramount importance to people who have problems with or wish to strengthen their cardiovascular system.

Natural herbal honey (bouquet)
Herbal honey is produced from the nectar of the herbs growing in the fields near the apiary. It is characterised by its high nourishing, taste and preventive properties. It crystallises relatively fast. In addition, it improves the digestion and influences the functioning of different internal organs – the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys and the gall bladder. Field honey is especially suitable for lung, gynaecological, renal and gastrointestinal diseases is distinguished by its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

Natural honey with cranberry
natural honey with cranberry is a pleasant combination of silky-smooth honey and cranberry. In traditional medicine, the cranberry has been used to cure the cold, lower fevers, and strengthen the organism. Even the ancient Indians used dried berries, which were rich in vitamins and minerals, to survive the cold winter. Cranberries, high in vitamin C, also contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, and beta-carotene. They also contain many minerals: principally, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Since ancient times, cranberries have been known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which may help to remedy bladder and urinary tract infections and may also improve oral hygiene.Because cranberries are rich in antioxidants, our ancestors have considered them a good means to prevent cardiovascular diseases and to lower blood pressure. Antioxidants help to prevent the deposition of cholesterol and the congestion of blood vessels. They also relieve inflammatory processes and delay ageing.

Natural honey with Blueberry
Blueberry is rich in antioxidants (3,5 g / 100g). natural honey with blueberry is a pleasant combination of silky-smooth honey and blueberry. In traditional medicine, the blueberry has been used to strengthen and widen the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. It is also known to have strong antibacterial properties. Scientists who have researched the wild blueberry say it can even prevent some nervous system disorders, strengthen memory, and delay ageing.The carotene and vitamin C contained in blueberry are known to strengthen the immune system. The tannins and flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties. And the amino acids provide a peaceful sleep.Blueberries have long been considered to be the revitalisers of tired eyes, protecting the optic nerve and retinal cells. Blueberries are especially beneficial for people who suffer from night blindness or light sensitivity.The blueberry is also known for its ability to regulate digestion.

Natural honey with Desiccated cherries
Desiccated cherries are good for various inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, gout, and muscle pains after an exercise. This is due to the pigments contained in the cherries and especially in the sour sorts.

Natural honey with Desiccated apricots
Desiccated apricots contain vitamins С, А, РР, and vitamins of the В group. In terms of content of minerals – iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, they surpass the fresh ones by far. The presence of pectins in combination with the natural acids in their composition removes the radionuclides and heavy metals from the organism. The content of vitamin А is also big, which is important to the normal functioning of a number of systems in the human organism.

Natural honey with Plums /desiccated/
Desiccated plums are richer in sugars (57.8%), the natural acids reach 3.5%, and the fibres – 1.6%. The sodium content in them is 104 mg per 100 g of product, potassium – 864 mg, calcium – 80 mg, phosphorus – 83 mg, and iron – 15 mg.Plums are good for avitaminoses and anaemias, especially in the case of iron-deficiency anaemia. They are also an indispensable tool in the fight against gastrointestinal diseases. They help the normalization of the metabolism in the organism. Plums also have clearly expressed antibacterial properties. They have an energising effect, help the processes of recovery of the organism after heavy physical loads or metal fatigue. Plums are also recommended as a diuretic, cholagogue, hypotensive, anti-sclerotic, and anti-diabetic cure.

Sugar beet jam /petimezi or molasses/
Petimezi is a traditional Bulgarian jam made from sugar beet. The consistency is similar to that of bee honey. It is an entirely natural product. Sugar beet has many healthy properties, and the everyday consumption of sugar beet juice improves the blood circulation in the brain and has a favourable effect on the memory. Furthermore, the increased concentration of elements in the sugar beet juice prevent dementia. Research shows that the nitric oxide contained in the beet juice has favourable effects on the human brain.

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